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Escape from Pompeii by Liam

Once upon a time there was a boy called Tranio and a girl called Livia. Tranio was looking out of the window also looking outside into the noisy town so she decided to creep out of the house and went to the harbour. Also she saw Livia and Livia said stop curling your hair and play knuckle bones, I got the right size she said. So they played knuckle bones and chased fast, enormous dogs. Then Tranio went to the stage and his father said sit down and learn because you’re next then everything began to shake but her father said don’t worry keep on rehearsing but Tranio left to find Livia. She said Livia! Livia where are you? Then he found her. The ground began to shake and then the mountain called Vesuvius was angry and ash and lava began to explode and fall like a slithering snake. Livia and Tranio ran on to the boat Livia said it’s too thick we have to go back. No said Tranio so they got on a boar and went to sleep.

Escape from Pompeii by Sophie

One very early morning there was a girl called Livia and she has a friend called Tranio. One hot, sunny day, Tranio and Livia heard a big noise. Way before that Tranio and Livia were born there was an earthquake. When Tranio and Livia heard the noise they thought it was just a noise but it was massive smoky Vesuvius. When they found out that it was Vesuvius the ground started to shake. After about three minutes Tranio and Livia’s biggest day ever was here bang! Livia and Tranio ran to a boat and got away.

Escape by Pompeii by Evie

Tranio was a cheeky, naughty boy. One day he looked out of his window and said “it’s so beautiful here is there any place like this?” He sighed often. He went to the harbour and watched wine, oil and spices. He also went to the forum and as they sang rumble down tumble down great city walls, feel the world stumble whilst the ground grumbles. The other hour he went to the theatre so he watched and waited until…banging and crumbling, smashing and falling. The place was falling down. Ten hours later “Livia, Liv come here!” Tranio’s father cjased a white fluffy goat when the room grumbled. You’d have died laughing. Come on! Nobody noticed two small children climb into a cargo ship. Then the big mount Vesuvius roared! Tranio I can hardly breathe. As the years passed Tranio and Livia were under an orange tree laying some fresh blue flowers. We will never forget you.

Escape from Pompeii by Archie

One day in a city called Pompeii young Archie was looking and he saw the protector of Pompeii glimmering in the sunlight, he was Vesuvius the gentle mountain. He sneaked into the harbour and he saw oil, wine and spices being carried to and off the boat. He went to the town hall he heard his favourite song rumble down, tumble down great city walls, hear the ground rumble. They fought over doing the song or not. He went to the theatre and saw the shows but then his attention wandered. Everything fell down, his dad said back to rehearsals please. He ran back to Molly’s house Molly! Molly! He shouted. Molly ran down stairs, let’s go. They ran to the harbour they got on a boat and went off. They heard and saw mighty Vesuvius raw and he blew with flames. A couple of years later they went back to Pompeii to lay some flowers for everyone who died there.