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The Golden Touch by Anmol

One sunny hot day in a smelly stinky dungeon there was King Midas counting his money. Also an elf appeared in front of King Midas he was shocked to see an elf appear in his house and the elf showed him the golden touch.

Once he saw it King Midas didn’t want Goldie’s advice so he got the golden touch. As Goldie said he had the golden touch King Midas was very excited he wiggled his fingers and said the golden touch is mine but everything was turning to shiny gold even his food was turning to gold and he was very angry.

He went to his palace where it was filled with gold and he said Goldie oh Goldie Goldie! Suddenly he came back King Midas said please take it away so he took it away and left him with a brown stinky burger.

The Golden Touch by Hadyn

Long long ago King Midas was counting his gold special riches. King Midas was a selfish unkind king. He never cared for women. He wore a long red cape and lived in a colourful beautiful palace and the palace was surrounded by cold, glittery water but there was a bridge.

Then a little strange elf appeared on the table and the elf was called Goldie. Then Goldie gave King Midas a golden touch. Also he touched a statue then he turned the black small cat into gold.

Then he went to have his dinner but he couldn’t eat the massive, cooked turkey. Then he said to the mirror am I going to starve to death? Suddenly he started to cry and he ran to the dusty old basement.

When he got into the basement he started to shout Goldie take away the golden touch. So Goldie came back and took away the curse but Goldie wanted everything he possessed, so Goldie took away the golden touch.

Goldie gave him a burger with onions but took away everything he had.

The Golden Touch by Maisy

Long long ago there was a greedy, nasty man called King Midas. He lived in a dusty, private dungeon. King Midas was mean because he didn’t care about anyone. He didn’t like a wife or children but he liked his golden money.

Then an elf appeared called Goldie and he tried to explain to greedy King Midas. King Midas said I want gold not advice. Goldie gave King Midas the golden touch. King Midas was touching everything in his garden even his fluffy cute cat. He went to the large fancy dinner table and tried to drink a yummy lovely drink and it turned into pennies. He tried to eat a brown delicious chicken and it turned into gold as well. He was running because there were gold skeletons everywhere. He begged for the golden touch and Goldie gave King Midas a hamburger but nothing else.