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My week in France by Cayden

When we went to sunny, colourful France I tried to go to sleep but it was loud so I didn’t listen because I was being good and I didn’t want to spoil it. The second day we went on the night walk and at the beginning it wasn’t that dark but at the end it was pitch black and we had sticks on our heads for the drop bears so they didn’t pick us up and fly away!

My trip to France – by Georgia

My favourite part of France was the disco because I had fun dancing with Miss Smith. When I was in France I went to a sweet factory and sweet shop and I was watching the sweets being made and I bought some chocolate. Next I went to a bakery and I saw a funny guy and he taught me how to make croissants. After that we went to a place that a girl makes bread and I’ve watched her how to make bread. Finally I went for a shower with my sister then I had a disco with my disco clothes on and then I went to bed and I went to sleep. What an excellent week I had! When couldĀ I go next?