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Dragon Report by Logan

Have you ever seen a dragon? The ridge-back has been spotted in Sheffield in the car park of Meadowhall. It has yellow sharp teeth and smells like a frog. Scientists have said to leave out vegetable peelings for it in winter because they don’t want another dragon to become extinct.

The Worksop Frost Dragon by Keisha

Have you ever seen a dragon in Worksop? The smelly dragon has been spotted. He has sharp black teeth and red, mean eyes. He has old, smelly and sharp teeth and sparkly bright blue eyes. He has a colossal spiky tail that can really knock you out. The white frost dragon is as white as a snowball and as slimy as slime.

Ancient Greek Day

I enjoyed tasting lots of different Greek foods, I liked the sourdough bread and the feta cheese. My favourite part of the day was when we made a mosaic using different coloured paper, I made a circle using gold, yellow and purple.

By Gracie

Ancient Greek Day

I really enjoyed making a crown using yellow and gold paper. We made mosaics using coloured paper, I made a pretty flower. My favourite part of the day was when we made shields, I painted a ‘D’ for Denisa on mine.


By Denisa

Ancient Greek Day

Today we made Laurel Wreath Crowns using paper, we drew leaves on yellow paper and then stuck them onto a golden crown. My favourite part of the day was food tasting because the food was very tasty, I really liked the olives.

By Jack