Christmas wreath activity

Today we created a Christmas wreath. We needed felt, ribbon, pins and a foam ring.

First we chose which colour felt we wanted. I chose a blue one.

Next we used a carboard circle to draw a mark with a whiteboard pen and we used some fabric scissors to cut out the markings of the circle.

Then we folded the circles into quarters so it looked like a triangle and pinned it to the foam ring through the pointy bit of the triangle. We had do it all around the foam ring.

After that we got some red shiny ribbon and created a bow. Then we made a hoop and pinned it on the ring at the back so we can hang it on my door in my room.

I really like how it turned out because it looks really pretty and I like all of the frilly bits because it looks like spikey leaves but my thumb hurts from pushing the pins in.


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